Makerfest 2015 in Ahmedabad, India.

"Maker fest is not just another technology event, but a global social movement where people like you and me who invent things informally get a chance to showcase, collaborate, form community and dream about making our world a better place, with our inventions, ideas and network. "

- Asha Jadeja
Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, Philanthropist


Maker Fest is the largest gathering of Makers from all across the nation. The persons choosing the road less travelled and bringing revolutions that promise change history. MakerFest is carousel of ideas that have been given life. Maker Fest monumentalizes the learning and explorations one faced during the making of something new using the already established.

Several Makers in 100s of number had participated in the event.

What Did We do?

Mozilla was a part of Makerfest 2015 to teach the Web. To teach Internet. To teach Webmaker. We taught the participants how to remix webpages using the three tools.

Snaps from Makerfest 2015 Mozilla's booth

Prathamesh on a rage

                   Tripad Tripad Tripad Tripad Tripad Tripad Tripod Oops Tripad Tripad Tripad

                                                            Mayur, explaining the tools

On the second day of makerfest, we had a workshop done where the mozillians were divided into small groups of three and  were assembled with a bunch of participants.

                                                               We did have fun in teaching.

We learnt how to drive a unicycle. We learnt Graffiti. We experienced Oculus drift. We printed Firefox logo on a 3D printer. We hopped into a conversation "How to start a makerspace in your city?" We had hands on Google glass. We measured our focus by a device called "Brain activity scanner"

Demonstrated light beam tool. Showed the participants, the dev devices including Keons, Flames, Tablet, and many other devices. A selfie app using the appmaker attracted a lotta attention. Net neutrality.

These 2 days of awesomeness came to an end after taking few cranky pics.

Apply for Maker Fest 2015, Ahmedabad| January 10th and 11th

Here's an exciting news, get involved with Maker Fest 2015, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. 

Hive India <> had partnered with Maker Fest 2015, to map and empower a community of educators and creative people who share a passion to innovate, evolve and change the learning landscape. This year, makerfest <> is back with an upgraded awesomeness with a 100+ Makers, 20 workshops, 8 awesome speakers and a 10,000+spectators.

About Makerfest: Maker Fest is the Indian continuation of Maker Faire hosted across America, Europe, Africa and Japan, among others. Maker Faire, which launched in California, USA in 2006, now hosts hundreds of thousands attendees twice a year across California and New York.

Here you can learn more about the previous Mozilla Maker Party Pop-up
* Maker Party: Bangalore 2013
* Maker Party: Vizag 2014
* Construkt Festival 2014
* Maker Party: Gujarat 2014

The event is free to attend but registration is mandatory. A few awesome Webmaker maker party hosts get a chance to apply for sponsorship to attend/help with the event. Last year, we had a version 1.0 in partnering with Maker Fest 2015 which turned out to be a huge one. More about it, on these blogs:


Please note that we are on limited resources and sponsorship is available for limited Mozillians. This event will be well documented. If you can't attend in person, there still will be many ways to participate and shape the program-  Don't  worry! As this is a open event, anyone interested can join the event on their own. We shall also consider their proximity to the event city, a mix of new comers + existing Webmaker mentors how they plan to help etc. Note that the deadline to apply for the event is on or before December 12th.

Go Social. Learn more about Makerfest 2015:

Mozilla and Generation We!

On August 10th, 2014 Mozilla's presence at JRC Convention Centre was very crucial partnering with AIESEC's Generation WE. Almost 1500 School kids, College students, Technology Evangelists and Enthusiasts and Entrepreneurs had met and several talks were presided on the same.

The talk started at 10:00 AM where I spoke about the Open Web and Internet. I've asked the audience to turn to their right and ask the very next person sitting next to them say how Internet had been useful to him/her. People questioned many strangers and they expressed how he/her were benefited by Internet.  

Later, spoke about Webmaker and other ways of contributing Mozilla. Several participants were interested and were asking about the release date of Firefox OS. I had a couple of devices including Keons, Flame, a Firefox OS Tablet and a ZTE Device. 

Participants discussing how Internet had been playing a vital role.

                                                                   Fun Fun Funnn!

The highest tweeter wins a shirt! :)

Later we had a small booth reserved, where participants come and say hi to grab swag. Almost 200+ had registered for Firefox Student Ambassadors and many were interested in contributing.

Mozilla on the News

Recently, we had a chain of events in Hyderabad, and was covered in the press.

Webmaking and Webliteracy- 2 in Hyderabad

Blogging time!  ^_^

After a successful "mission-Computer-Teaching" to kids, a week back ( Interested? Check the blogpost here: )  our team is back with another Webmaking and WebLit event.

So, as usual and as planned we made our way to the School located in Kukatpally, Hyderabad to teach the Computers.

Yes, you did see the right thing. It's a government aided school, honestly more equipped than many other private schools. 

We have started the basics about Computers. We taught kids what were computers long long ago, how portable are these, these days. 
We taught them what a Processor is, the I/O Devices, etc. We taught them what Internet is all about, how would the ISPs manage to provide Internet all over the city.  

We had laptops with us, where we took them to the kids. Some of them felt really happy using a laptop for the first time.

Few kids started writing their assignments related to their subject, Social Studies. One started googling about "Adolf Hitler" as a part of his homework and there was this kid who wanted to know how an airplane would fly followed by why an egg would float in salt water!

Followed by the WebLit, we made kids hack the web using these awesome Webmaker tools.

We asked kids about their opinion on how Internet would be handy and had got several answers. We picked few answers:

* Saves money
* Saves time
* Makes life easier
* Stay connected

Later we taught the kids, how not to use the Internet too.

We clicked :)

FailFest 2.0

FailFest is back! This time with another panel of inspiring storytellers. 


What is FailFest?
FailFest is a fun, engaging & inspiring forum that aims to change the conversations around Failure by focusing on the learnings from failure.

FailFest is all about:

- Learning. Reflection. Introspection
- Victory over Vulnerability
- Acts of bravado
- Following your heart; your passion
- Tenacity in times of adversity
- Opportunity to find fellow journeymen
- Gaining Insight and Hindsight; developing Foresight


Why the emphasis on Failure?
Failure is considered undesirable, unacceptable. an outright defeat and a complete disaster. However, Failure by all means, is truly ‘inevitable’. It is a quintessential part of life and we get to see it time and again. Like the classic dichotomies of life: Day-Night, Good-Bad, Black-White, Failure forms a pair with Success. However, one can’t succeed every single time. We are bound to screw up on some occasions. But at the end it’s these failures that help us learn. These mistakes enable us to think, be creative and do the innovative. FailFest is a manifestation of this whole idea around learning from failure and changing the existing conversations around Failure by redefining it.

So, in essence the focus is not on Failure but on Learning from it.


What to expect from FailFest?
At FailFest 1.0 held on May 3, 2013, we invited people from all walks of life, from book authors and actors to techies and entrepreneurs. Anybody, who wanted to share their major learnings from failure, with a compelling storyline was welcome.

The speakers spoke about their challenging journeys where they faced failure, in some form or the other at every step and shared their biggest learnings from those thrilling experiences.

FailFest 2.0 will follow a similar format, but with a more collaborated effort with the audience

Little code, hurts none :)

Working on an app, too much coffee for today!

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<div id="goodbad" style="background-color: black; z-index: 1000; border: 5px #999999 solid; position: absolute; left: 14%; top: 30%; display: none;">
<td><center><strong><font color="white">FOLLOWED</font></strong></center></td>
<td><center><strong><font color="white">DEVIATED</font></strong></center></td>

<td><img id="tick" src="tick.jpg" onclick="setImg(1);" /></td>
<td><img id="cross" src="redcross.jpg" onclick="setImg(0);" /></td>


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var nodes_in_row=4;
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var topp=50;
var current_node=-1;

function setImg(j)
    var node_no=current_node+1;
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function evaluate(e)

for(var i=0;i<365;i++)
    nodes[i].style.border="3px blue solid";
    nodes[i].innerHTML="<center>Day "+(i+1)+"</center>";


  "version": "1.0",
  "name": "TBD",
  "description": "To be updated",
  "launch_path": "/blank.html",
  "fullscreen": "true",
  "icons": {
    "128": "/images/icon_128.png",
    "32": "/images/icon_32.png",
    "60": "/images/icon_60.png",
    "90": "/images/icon_90.png",
    "120": "/images/icon_120.png",
    "256": "/images/icon_256.png"
  "developer": {
    "name": "Sujith Reddy",
    "url": ""
  "default_locale": "en"

Webliteracy- Hyderabad

Been a while, blogging!

Today, WE- a group of volunteers have decided to make a list of few schools and check if the kids were taught along with Computer Education. We did find a couple of schools, away from Computer Education.

Thanks to Mozilla's Webliteracy, through which we did able to go to those schools and teach the kids about Computers, Internet and a little Webmaking :)

A CPU, besides a Monitor to come up :D

Quite a very good number of people knew about Computers. I had taken the initiative to start teaching them from the very basics like What computer does and what is it meant for.

But when we questioned about Internet, and how many had used it: There were around very few hands in fact less than 10 maybe. One did dare to answer why he had been using internet so far. He said, he generally does it for assignments, especially for Social Studies because it's a vast subject.

I had to write my name while introducing as they found it tough. 

                  Kids interacting. They found it really interesting to know about Computers and Internet.

Then they had a chance to know what Webmaker is all about.

We managed to click a pic after the event, at the school. Special thanks for Harsha, for taking all the pain. Thanks to Navya, Yadi Giri, Sruti, Spoorthi and Harika for making it all possible.

Find more pics at:

Community Building at Punjab

This late 2013 December, just before CB meet in US, we had a kick-off Community Building event in Punjab.

So lately, we have realized that Punjab and other parts near the region has very less Mozilla awareness. Prior to this meet, I had been remotely working out with the team there and they had been very actively conducting webmaker events and other mozilla awareness events in and around.

Event on Reps portal:
Event Pics: Will be updated soon
Event Hasgtag: #MozPunjab #CBPunjab
Event pad:

About the event:

This event is a gathering of almost 7 active Mozillians and other 10 volunteers who are interested in contributing Mozilla.

It was 11:00 AM where the enthusiasts gathered in a Restaurant in Fatehnagar. A usual icebreaker session was up, making all the 17 to introduce themselves. Later asked them to write how do they wanted to get involved with Mozilla after letting everyone know the various scopes of involvement.

Out of my surprise, there was a teacher and a HR lead of Gurunanak College too who had been significantly contributing to Mozilla by taking sessions around and spreading the word.

In the mean, I had presented a talk on the following aspects:

1. Why would a community be required?
2. How to sustain contributors?
3. Roles of individuals in a Community.
4. How to dive deeper into Community/Mozilla related projects?
5. How to be a good Community Builder?
6. Creating a definite pathway of the future events.

Later on, we have discussed many aspects which are well put up on the etherpad.

The keon device was passed among the volunteers and they felt good after having a hands-on with it.

These are the list of attendees:

Sajeev soni
Mohit Kumar Kakkar
Ashim KC
Sandeep Jindal
Abhishek Thakur
Bipin Karki
Amritpal Singh
Rahul Bains
Randeep Singh
Jugraj Singh
Kamaljeet Kaur
Harjot kaur

Events planned:

1. Localization Boost: Few localizers were deployed and they have started working on translating articles on SuMo as well as for Firefox.
2. Events: After the meet, a roadmap was laid for the chain of events. By the end of 2014, the target is 15 Mozilla events including App Days and Webmaker events.

Later, Sajeev had spoken about his experience and how he had got involved being a non-techie guy on his contribution with SuMo and conducting events and spreading the word.

Other blogposts:

Event Pics: Will be updated soon

Other related Blogposts:


Hive India MakerFest'14 Ahmedabad

Mozilla as a Technical partner coordinated with MakerFest which happened this January 4th and 5th and is a kick-off start for the Indian Community with a series of events and campaigns at the very year start. About 3000+ participants turned up to the Mozilla Stall present at MakerFest'14

About MakerFest:

Maker Fest is an all-ages showcase and celebration of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, a place to meet and interact with likeminded top-notch innovators from different walks of life. It aims to bring together a community of creators and makers spanning the length and breadth of India and give them a platform to showcase their ideas and creations. It is designed to be a uniquely Indian maker activity to celebrate and exhibit the maker movement in India.

Following in the footsteps of Maker Faires across America, Europe, Africa, and Japan, among others, Maker Fest is part innovation fair, part art show, and part celebratory festival that hopes to inspire everyone to become an inventor. At Maker Fest, we commemorate the entire journey of making: not just the final product, but also all the learning experiences that come along with trying something new.

Event on reps portal:
Hash-Tag: #MakerFest2014
Facebook Fan Page:

Event Idea:

The event idea stays simple. We had a 20 x 10 size booth where the participants turned up to know what this is all about. The participants and enthusiasts were School/Pre-university kids mostly. Most of them were really interested about the Webmaker tools since it's fun.

It was basically a two day event. The below pics shows how beautiful the crowd is at the stall and the interest they show in learning what's up with Mozilla.

Webmaker initiative aspects:

* Depending on the age groups and level of grasping, we have let the kids know how beautiful is remixing and hacking with the Webmaker tools.
* Quite a good number of teachers who turned up to the booth were excited about the tools and learnt how to make Popcorn videos so as they can teach their kids.
* As a part of getting involved with Mozilla, the participants were taught how to conduct kitchen parties.

Developer aspects:

* A good number of students from Engineering background were surprised to see the Keon, Peak and the ZTE Consumer preview devices as they felt interesting.
* The developers used the mobiles, which are available and felt great. We let them know how to develop apps and helped them giving the links of basic app development.
* Many started questioning, when are these devices available in India and all we could throw is a smile.

Contributor Engagement and Community Building:

* Gujarath is the state where there is less Mozilla presence. Hence we thought having a PAN India event here would be helpful in recruiting contributors.
* Event requests had been flooding after The MakerFest'14. One in  Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Institute of Technology, Vasad.
* App Days at SVBIT College.

Other Partners include:


Community builders Meetup 2013

Over 50 Community Builders round the world met at SFO, Mozilla Space California. The purpose of this meetup is to collaborate on shared goals and plans to support all community building efforts across Mozilla in 2014 in order to move forward with growing the size of the community to one million Mozillians in ten years.

More about the CBT Meet-up on wiki can be found here:

Those grumpy faces to scare the kids

The meetup was organized into set of tracks for :

1. Systems and Data
2. Pathways
3. Education and Culture
4. Recognition and
5. Events

The wholesome event is recorded and one can find it on the brownbag. Slides from the event can be found

 Place where CBT meetup took place

 Sticky notes everywhere :)

 William Q and Rosana
 We did indeed brainstorm

  Each track focused on creating concrete action plans for next year and then we shared this out through a brown bag at the end of the week.

More set of Images can be found in here: