Club Mozilla with Green Visionaries

The Green Missionaries @SASTRA had been spreading a word all about the Environment and the ways to protect it up in all the rural places in and around University. Club Mozilla in collaboration, had took a session on spreading the word Firefox.
Our sincere thanks for theorganizers who had given us a platform to spread our word. More information @

 Students around were confused, why Mozilla in between Greenery! So, correlated  the Web to a sprout.. A sprout needs nutrition, similarly  Web needs Mozilla..

It should be fine when the audience understand the point.. No matter if you have a chalk and a board or a laser and a projector =)

When the swags are given to the one who gave the correct definition for "Open Source".
The one looking at him would probably be like, whoa man.. I wish I knew da ;-) :-P

We believe interactions would probably strike the ideas into the crowd rather than a Lecture.

Briefly explaining the Missions of Mozilla and the ways of getting involved with Mozilla project

People call it a shirt.. I call it "Adopting Mozilla".

That smile ran up when I gotto know that even there are girls around who are really into Technology and who are Tech Geeks competing with boys..

Comparing the Web to Ecosystem..

"So, how many of you people had been using Mozilla. You had to answer me genuine and you should give a reason each.. "

That was my query and Yeah.. I see quite number of interesting hands put up in the air! =) =D

It was pathetic that we missed Jai that day.. Lets have an awesome session this weekend @ NIT Trichy and Amrita! :D