I personally, whenever I see people using Firefox the first question I put up upon them is that why is that you use firefox though you have obvious better browsers such as Chrome..
People generally who doesnt know me, come up with several answers(Of which few are interesting, few are True)

The best answers among them was:

-> Since I was a kid, I use Firefox and yeah I was habituated to it.. (The innocent one's)
-> It has got lots of addons which add up security. .Bla bla bla( The Tech Geeks)
-> Man, come on.. Its an open source and we got to support it( Wow.. Perfect I guess)

And the people who knew me, this was the funniest I ever heard..

 Anna.. I will ask my friend too to use Firefox & Thunderbird anna.. Give me one Mozilla band anna (The Juniors)

Whatever reason it might be.. these kids have been using Mozilla to a good extent as expected..

God knows if they have been doing since I had been taking few sessions about the importance of Mozilla or for the swags..
The above kids were caught on the act of using Firefox! Keep rocking..