Its been a hectic work today.. Naresh, a communication rep on behalf of Mozilla who has been infact giving me mental support did sent swags from Chennai yesterday..
The session is on the evening of today and the swags are to be delivered by 1:00 PM..
Since farmers in and around Thanjavur or trichy probably had been praying god with full devotion, the god decided to shower the people.. Unfortunately, the courier guy didnt turn up because of the rain and the swags are in Tanjore @ 3:00 PM..

That was the view..
Then we rushed up Tanjore and somehow managed to get the swags from the courier guy.. The first swag box I had ever got from Mozilla :') :D
I would thank Naresh Kumar for that..

Later, in the presentation.. We rocked! xD

More pics would be put up soon.. The DSLR ones :p