The evolution of Mozilla and the Web Development

 People are interested.. And yeah, hell..
When we thought would people turn up to a session after a huge day, that was a wrong thought, later I understood.. They have been involved in.. And I tried not to make up anything complicated..
- Simple English
- No Technical Words
- Ended up with a discussion, not a session sort of..

Thinking deep about the OpenSource* and involved with the Topic.. They should have enjoyed, I guess..
 And there he starts with the usual quote..
"Mozilla- Doing good is a part of our code"

With the pancakes of Mozilla at the background should have made the viewers more attractive since it's not actually the always Firefox logo.. Something unique and different..

These kids were caught when I have put up a question
"What makes Open Source* different from Free software" ?

They tried answering up and yeah, they almost reached..
So had few swags, later a smile across their face while leaving the Hall..

Thats when I said you ahve lots of Swags awaiting for u..

 Thats me when I have been going with the video muted and I have actually been trying to tell people very briefly right from the start/ history of the Web Development which says " Its a place to build your dreams" and which was obvious..

This pic tells the actual contribution of the Free software, Firefox to the web.. And its developments along..

There goes Jai distributing the swags among the guys and one should notice their expressions..

That was me again with an interactive session with the people around..
The actual answer by him for my question, "Why would you prefer Firefox to any other browser" when he said he uses Firefox, was that he has been using Firefox for ages together and he couldn't shift to another browser..
That was really true as I had asked the students that how many agrees with him, and there were few 10's in numbered hands in the air.. That came up interesting, and I began to think..

I never wanted something like real boring and presented the stuff very much hilariously.. There the people actually gave their attention, and Yeah i should say that I have grabbed their's actually..

 Their smiles valued a lot to me and infact I boosted myself up..

Here comes one more...

And another one..

I thought this would be an awesome way of concluding.. Put up a slide of SASTRA's Mozilla Poster and told em up that the swags are real worth to us, since our's a non-profit organization.. It would be helpful when you all start contributing Mozilla.. A contribution need not be in bucks.. Could be something like promoting it..
The highest Contribution they could make it would probably use Firefox browser.. That should be a lot from their side! 

And then we ended it up! xD