Open Source Software- Fedora, Ubuntu and Mozilla- Firefox OS App Development

 Here we have a bunch of new contributors from MCA-NIT Trichy. The awesome-fearsome  ;-)


    OS Software.

That #Random Supporter who has Mozilla on his Lap!

He chose to support Mozilla.. Do you?
Helping Mozilla to build a generation of Webmakers and Contributors.


Firefox App Development Workshop- NIT TRICHY

Catch Mozilla Live @ NIT Trichy this Saturday..

GLUG - T Presents Mozilla App Dev Workshop. Get to have a hands on experience with much anticipated web based FIREFOX OS... and much more.

Loads of Mozilla Goodies to be given away!!!

Date : 13/4/2013 (Saturday)

register in the Link Below (it contains further details):

MozCarnival- Celebrating 15 years of Awesomeness

Its 15 Awesome years of Contribution to the Web, by Mozilla.. Small appreciation which says Mozilla, you have been awesome! :D

Its everyone's.. Yes, Mozilla and the Web together belong to everyone. 

Together we work for the Mozilla.. Together we save the Web!

 Pat boy, Pat :-P

Photography time, with my DSLR.. ;-)

And now, its Party time ;-)

Cut cut cut!

Yes.. I am here to help!


Swag time!

Ohh.. Really?!

Thats for the day :D