Firefox Flicks from MozIgnite event- Vizag

Following up the previous post, The MozIgnite event which was a stellar. The participants have come up with a Flicks video too, which was screened and the Flicks swag was distributed. Hurray! B)

The concept involved is very simple. The theme as known always is upon the Firefox OS Mobile and how handy it comes when you were lost in a place where it's tough for the mobile to pull signals.

"Believe me or not, this Flick is taken in just 3 hours and post-processed for an hour", proudly said the University students.

 Selection of background is important, chose a lonely place on the beach-side

 A long way to move on.. :\

Lost in woods. Lucky me, I have the Geek's phone! ;)

Sounds interesting? The Flick would be made public on 26th of July 2013, stay tuned! :)