Firefox OS App Days [at] Kochi, Kerala

That awesome day on 22nd of JUne had finally turned out and YEAH it was the App Days @ Kochi.

-= Venue =-

Interestingly, Saurabh had chosen Startup Village as the Venue which was awesome.

-= Audience and size =-
We had geeks, techies, developers and hackers about 60 in number.

-= Our participation = -
There were about ~10 organizers for this event. The event had gone awesome with great pomp and fun besides developing few apps and submitting to the marketplace.

1. Firstly, Nick's Remote session had given a kick-start off briefing the Firefox OS.
2. WebFWD session by Srikar Ananthula is followed.
3.Jaipradeesh and Naresh had been the event speakers.
4. Followed by the hackathon
5. People giving a brief about their Apps

-= Audience Reaction =-
There was a great enthusiasm for Firefox OS, people liked the  how smooth the emulator is. The Keon devices were passed among the developers. The participants turned out with great apps too indeed

-= Evening Event =-

After the Hackathon, we had refreshments and celebrated the 15 years of Awesomeness. So we basically hacked and celebrated. ;-) 

-= Organization =-
The venue was awesome, easily accessible and with connectivity too. The event was widely spread in almost all the Social Networking websites and media channels too.

-= Leads =-
The event helped us in getting contacts with other few communities such as Examvoice, SPACE and other few FOSS communities

-= Was it worth it? =-

Definitely! Great work by the Local Reps for organizing such a wonderful event.

More event pics can be found here: