MozIgnite- Vizag in GITAM University

== Short Version ==

The event was huge than we have expected. Over 630 participants and 8 Mozillians had attended. Featured in the 2 local media channels and 3 National Newspapers. Had 2 requests from other colleges in Andhra Pradesh for AppDays and Webmaking. 3 events on Webmaking were added on the events page at Webmaker. Created awareness about Mozilla and OpenSource for the first time in Vizag, with that number of participants.

== Full Version ==


Visakhapatnam city with a population of 2M, being the second largest city in Andhra Pradesh state, there is no real awareness of Mozilla and other Open Source Software. The venue was in the Gitam University[1][2] which was the top 15th college in Private sector in India.


The goal was to let people know about what OpenSources are and familiarizing’em all with it. For the first time in Vizag, ‘MozIgnite’ helped to break the box and recruit contributors for the projects involved. Also, included a sample app development and introduction to Firefox OS.


The event went very smooth. Starting off by 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM we had various discussions on the topics such as:

Open Source and Importance
Mozilla Story, Mission and it’s other Software
The Firefox Affiliate contest.
SuMo hands-on session
Firefox Flicks Contest.
Localization and NeMo
Webmaker with Thimble, Popcorn and X-Ray goggles
Sample App-Dev session for Firefox OS


We have expected attendees 300 in number and surprisingly, about 600 turned to the event. Attendees were mostly from the CSE and IT Departments from the University. Firefox Ambassadors who are registered from various other parts and colleges from Vizag have also attended which were about 6 in number have attended.


Meraj Imran
Vikas Burri
Akhil Chowdary
Anjali Dasari
Sandhyuth Polisetti
Chaitanya Sravanth


The poster of Firefox OS which said ‘Blaze your own path’ is set up at the entrance of University where there is almost 10,000 population float everyday.


SuMo contributers- 5

Had a hands on session with the participants where they seemed to be interested on SuMo. Few started off with it in the Lunch time.

Firefox Student Ambassadors – 50

This metric is important and is FILLED. Including few teaches have also signed up for the program.

Proposal for Webmaking Event and Firefox App Days

A webmaking event is being done in the same University on August 20th. A proposal for App Days at NIT Warangal and the event would be on 17th and 18th of August.

Featured in 2 newspapers and a Rep interview in Times of India


Flicks Videos:

Amazingly the participants have come up with 2 flicks which were taken in 3 hours+1 hour editing it. The links shall be posted up in the follow up mail.

== PHOTOS ==

Please find the images of the event here:


Hashtags on facebook and twitter: #mozignite_vizag,  

P.S : Inspired by Kerala App Days event report.