MakerParty in Bangalore 2013

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Event hashtag: #makerparty #makerpartyBLR 

Maker hacks:

About the event:

Hive India promotes experiential learning through the interests of young people and the creative use of digital media. The Hive India is an attempt to map and empower a community of educators and creative people who share a passion to innovate, evolve and change the learning landscape.

Brief version:

Michelle Thorne from Mozilla had been the host. 35 Webmaker mozillians had attended the event. 10 external partners had supported the event. Created a trend among the social networking channels. Vikas clicked a million pics. Finally, Dron missed his flight :-P

Long Version:

This was a two day event. On the first day it was 'train the trainers' where all the webmaking enthusiasts were trained by the supermentors.

Day 1:

Later the participants were asked to write up what they wanted to learn from this event on sticky notes.


Supermentors trained the participants with the tools Thimble, Popcorn and X-Ray goggles and as a part of it, Gautham taught how to bake Popcorn with cooker :-P 

Later in the evening, participants were asked to come up with the hacks which were listed on this etherpad link. My play with Popcorn was very simple, on Gautham. 

We had dinner in Chutney Chang with Michelle at the night and was completely digested when we walked 2 kms back to hotel.


Facilitating with the partners, the participants in the hive had been real busy on the second day. We had real technical partners, belonging to ReddRobotics, 3Ding, Roboinventions,Dhruvaspace,Cycloidsystem, Niche,, Bibox, Simplelabs,Arduino.

Each partner had done their best and were very supportive. The interesting was a Quad-copter from ReddRobotics. 3D printers were also fascinated in the Hive. 

At the end, we had this brainstorming session where the participants were asked to let everyone know what they have learned from the makerparty and how it could be a better makerparty the upcoming year. 

More pics about the event: