My travel to the Summit2013

How do I start? Say, Travel!

My Travel:

My travel started off from Trichy, my friend had to drop me to airport! Poor guy! Thanks to Manoj, though :)

Ain't that fast...

Now is that, I have reached the airport! Ohh baby, Yeah.. Jet Konnekt's waiting!

A flight for 8 travelers from Trichy to Chennai. Economic enough ;)

Boarded and I had a surprise! 
Not a huge one though :/

And here comes the actual surprise. I had opened my itinerary to check my flight from Chennai to Dubai, wow 7 hours long to wait. Okay, Awesome! 
I'm lucky enough, found Sunny GoGoGoel from Chennai with a Mozilla T. Asked him if he was travelling to the Summit, Yes he actually is! I found a travel partner. 
We actually window shopped this: 

No worries, we have rich bastards :) 

Poor guy, hadn't slept till 3:30 AM while I laid on my luggage as I was on vodka. Thanks man, you woke me up else I would have been in the airport for 6 more hours.
Boarded the beautiful Emirates :) 
Yeh jawani hai deewani made my travel all the way long to Dubai, thanks to the Movie makers for making me stay awake. Movie sucks, though! Liked the music. *Hums* > Kabira < 

Here comes these ladies who are just perfect to tell you to fasten your seat belts. Okay, I obey Sophie!
And voila, safe in Dubai! :)

  You don't know Arabic, here I read for you: Dubai International - Terminal 1

What would be the first thing to do? Foursquare checkin! B-) Ohh yeah, 21 points said Srikar! 
Met all my Indian, Bangladesh and Srilankan friends here for the first time. Happy! And now I see this baby while passing through the security check. Security check > My name is Khan, I'm not a terrorist
I didn't say that though!

My name is Emirates, I'm Boeing 777

Now is that back to back! WorldWar Z, DDLJ, Grand Masti. Later coined away, couldn't hold my sleep no longer. It was a 16 hour flight. 

Alright, I just traveled for 10 hours :/

In the mean, Chit posted this: 

How awesome!

Travel, travel, travel and TRAVEL! I reached SFO. 
Finally to my right, I have the huge friggin city of San Francisco. 

I step right, I have my city! :)