Webmaking and Firefox OS App Days at VIT University

Webmaking at VIT University

To be honest, this event is planned almost a half year ago where I met Kashish Singhal at the Pengufest in NIT Trichy. This is a two day event where:

Day 1:

  • Open Source Software and Importance
  • A hands on Web-Making Session.
  • Hack with Thimble, Popcorn and X-Ray Goggles 
  • Fun with Webmaking

Ankit Gadgil had taken over Webmaking where he had done an awesome job with icebreaking sessions and creating awareness and educating the participants about Webmaker. 

Srikar Ananthula spoke about WebFWD and I'm sure his inbox is flooded again from entrepreneurs.

Day 2:

  • Introduction to Firefox OS.
  • Basics in Developing the App.
  • Creating a sample App.
  • Hackathon Session where the participants Develop Apps.
  • Market Place submission.
Though we hadn't had a chance to expect apps at marketplace, we had a chance to introduce HTML and it's importance on the second day.

Many showed up interest and started questioning about the ways of getting involved among the community. A good healthy Club was formed in the University.

 Club Members and Organizers from VIT University

Rohith Sunkari and Amiti Dave showing off their Webmaker T shirts!

Many participants have come up with lots of questions on how to start contributing to Mozilla.


Letting people know what WebFWD is..

I should thank Meraj for getting this banner all the way long from his place to Bangalore!

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