AngelHack 2013

That was really cool when Mozilla had represented it as a part of AngelHack 2013 in Hyderabad.
Worried what Angelhack is? Know about it here:

AngelHack is a premier developer marketing agency, which offers comprehensive marketing programs to enhance existing corporate initiatives around developer relations, developer marketing, startup outreach, and the creation of developer ecosystems. Specialized in hackathons and innovation events, they have thrown over 100 events in 35 cities operating in 25 countries. The flagship event is our Global Hackathon competition, bringing together 10,000+ developers each time.

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Event category falls under Firefox OS, Business Development, Coding, Developer Tools, Relations, Technical Evangelism, User Engagement and Research.

Day 1:

The first day started off with lots of fun at the Microsoft Innovation Centre in Hyderabad. I never actually had felt the environment around, as a Hackathon. Which Hackathon would actually start off with a guy who mimicked a 'premier guy', a bollywood-desi dance and a a Yoga stunts?

The spiderman presenting his idea at the AngelHack

We have represented on behalf of Mozilla at the Angelhack Hyderabad. Mozillains including Alagundala Sai Kiran, Kashish Singhal, Saikiran ChandhaVineel Reddy, Soumya Deb, Srikar Ananthula

Vineel representing Mozilla at the Angelhack

Deb, on action

 Has anyone seen Deb without a camera strap round his neck? No, never! :)

Hackathon started off at 13:00 after lunch. People started coding and building Apps for different Operating systems like Windows, Blackberry and Android. We represented on behalf of HTML5 and Firefox OS and gave a brief talk on Firefox OS. Many volunteers had turned up and started questioning about Firefox OS.

We had few developer previews of Geekphones and a stable ZTE version of Firefox OS which were passed on among the hardcore developers. It's good to know that people felt really comfortable developing apps with Firefox since they do not need a third party application software like Visual Studio for Windows or Eclipse for Android.

Boot camps at Angelhack:

1. Android Bootcamp:

We had similar bootcamps on Windows as well as for Blackberry. It actually helped people how to start off.

Quite a large number of developers started off from the very scratch. This was a 48 hours hackathon. Find more sleepy- deepy pics here:

After a day, we had to code all the night. People were really tired and then, we ought to know Redbull  was the sponsor :D

More event pics here:

 Deb presenting a talk on the Firefox OS and calling up participants who wish to work with developing aps for Firefox OS.

Participants on behalf of Mozilla at the AngelHack Hyderabad Venue.

Karmin Klauschie, offering a cup cake.

 Participant, coding at the AngelHack!

* We had a great chance to promote Firefox OS. Many were interested coding and developing apps on HTML.
* Proposals for two app days in Hyderabad.
* 5-6 Apps to be pushed into Marketplace too.
* Very good Inter-community relations were developed with the entrepreneurs and other organizations. Great to hear that offcially, AngelHack would be coordinating with Mozilla in cities like Pune, Cochin annd Mumbai.