Community builders Meetup 2013

Over 50 Community Builders round the world met at SFO, Mozilla Space California. The purpose of this meetup is to collaborate on shared goals and plans to support all community building efforts across Mozilla in 2014 in order to move forward with growing the size of the community to one million Mozillians in ten years.

More about the CBT Meet-up on wiki can be found here:

Those grumpy faces to scare the kids

The meetup was organized into set of tracks for :

1. Systems and Data
2. Pathways
3. Education and Culture
4. Recognition and
5. Events

The wholesome event is recorded and one can find it on the brownbag. Slides from the event can be found

 Place where CBT meetup took place

 Sticky notes everywhere :)

 William Q and Rosana
 We did indeed brainstorm

  Each track focused on creating concrete action plans for next year and then we shared this out through a brown bag at the end of the week.

More set of Images can be found in here: