Community Building at Punjab

This late 2013 December, just before CB meet in US, we had a kick-off Community Building event in Punjab.

So lately, we have realized that Punjab and other parts near the region has very less Mozilla awareness. Prior to this meet, I had been remotely working out with the team there and they had been very actively conducting webmaker events and other mozilla awareness events in and around.

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About the event:

This event is a gathering of almost 7 active Mozillians and other 10 volunteers who are interested in contributing Mozilla.

It was 11:00 AM where the enthusiasts gathered in a Restaurant in Fatehnagar. A usual icebreaker session was up, making all the 17 to introduce themselves. Later asked them to write how do they wanted to get involved with Mozilla after letting everyone know the various scopes of involvement.

Out of my surprise, there was a teacher and a HR lead of Gurunanak College too who had been significantly contributing to Mozilla by taking sessions around and spreading the word.

In the mean, I had presented a talk on the following aspects:

1. Why would a community be required?
2. How to sustain contributors?
3. Roles of individuals in a Community.
4. How to dive deeper into Community/Mozilla related projects?
5. How to be a good Community Builder?
6. Creating a definite pathway of the future events.

Later on, we have discussed many aspects which are well put up on the etherpad.

The keon device was passed among the volunteers and they felt good after having a hands-on with it.

These are the list of attendees:

Sajeev soni
Mohit Kumar Kakkar
Ashim KC
Sandeep Jindal
Abhishek Thakur
Bipin Karki
Amritpal Singh
Rahul Bains
Randeep Singh
Jugraj Singh
Kamaljeet Kaur
Harjot kaur

Events planned:

1. Localization Boost: Few localizers were deployed and they have started working on translating articles on SuMo as well as for Firefox.
2. Events: After the meet, a roadmap was laid for the chain of events. By the end of 2014, the target is 15 Mozilla events including App Days and Webmaker events.

Later, Sajeev had spoken about his experience and how he had got involved being a non-techie guy on his contribution with SuMo and conducting events and spreading the word.

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