Webliteracy- Hyderabad

Been a while, blogging!

Today, WE- a group of volunteers have decided to make a list of few schools and check if the kids were taught along with Computer Education. We did find a couple of schools, away from Computer Education.

Thanks to Mozilla's Webliteracy, through which we did able to go to those schools and teach the kids about Computers, Internet and a little Webmaking :)

A CPU, besides a Monitor to come up :D

Quite a very good number of people knew about Computers. I had taken the initiative to start teaching them from the very basics like What computer does and what is it meant for.

But when we questioned about Internet, and how many had used it: There were around very few hands in fact less than 10 maybe. One did dare to answer why he had been using internet so far. He said, he generally does it for assignments, especially for Social Studies because it's a vast subject.

I had to write my name while introducing as they found it tough. 

                  Kids interacting. They found it really interesting to know about Computers and Internet.

Then they had a chance to know what Webmaker is all about.

We managed to click a pic after the event, at the school. Special thanks for Harsha, for taking all the pain. Thanks to Navya, Yadi Giri, Sruti, Spoorthi and Harika for making it all possible.

Find more pics at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/93843975@N03/sets/72157645381450673/