Webmaking and Webliteracy- 2 in Hyderabad

Blogging time!  ^_^

After a successful "mission-Computer-Teaching" to kids, a week back ( Interested? Check the blogpost here: http://meandmozilla.blogspot.in/2014/06/webliteracy-hyderabad.html )  our team is back with another Webmaking and WebLit event.

So, as usual and as planned we made our way to the School located in Kukatpally, Hyderabad to teach the Computers.

Yes, you did see the right thing. It's a government aided school, honestly more equipped than many other private schools. 

We have started the basics about Computers. We taught kids what were computers long long ago, how portable are these, these days. 
We taught them what a Processor is, the I/O Devices, etc. We taught them what Internet is all about, how would the ISPs manage to provide Internet all over the city.  

We had laptops with us, where we took them to the kids. Some of them felt really happy using a laptop for the first time.

Few kids started writing their assignments related to their subject, Social Studies. One started googling about "Adolf Hitler" as a part of his homework and there was this kid who wanted to know how an airplane would fly followed by why an egg would float in salt water!

Followed by the WebLit, we made kids hack the web using these awesome Webmaker tools.

We asked kids about their opinion on how Internet would be handy and had got several answers. We picked few answers:

* Saves money
* Saves time
* Makes life easier
* Stay connected

Later we taught the kids, how not to use the Internet too.

We clicked :)