Mozilla and Generation We!

On August 10th, 2014 Mozilla's presence at JRC Convention Centre was very crucial partnering with AIESEC's Generation WE. Almost 1500 School kids, College students, Technology Evangelists and Enthusiasts and Entrepreneurs had met and several talks were presided on the same.

The talk started at 10:00 AM where I spoke about the Open Web and Internet. I've asked the audience to turn to their right and ask the very next person sitting next to them say how Internet had been useful to him/her. People questioned many strangers and they expressed how he/her were benefited by Internet.  

Later, spoke about Webmaker and other ways of contributing Mozilla. Several participants were interested and were asking about the release date of Firefox OS. I had a couple of devices including Keons, Flame, a Firefox OS Tablet and a ZTE Device. 

Participants discussing how Internet had been playing a vital role.

                                                                   Fun Fun Funnn!

The highest tweeter wins a shirt! :)

Later we had a small booth reserved, where participants come and say hi to grab swag. Almost 200+ had registered for Firefox Student Ambassadors and many were interested in contributing.